Crew Management & Services

Ship Manning

The Crew is the most important part of the full ship management. The quality of people engaged onboard will make the difference between successful and unsuccessful ship management. OSMM ensures that the vessel is manned with qualified and well-trained officers and ratings as per the owners’ wishes and requirements. As Crew Managers OSMM performs all customary management functions related to crewing.

1. Manning related services, such as retention, long term planning and pool arrangements, medical insurance, health check-ups and treatment if necessary, along with P&I claims, mustering, travel arrangement & working gear for crew joining vessel.
2. Maintaining ship accounts like portage bill, wages/pf, victual ling, bonded stores & master cash account, yearly budget report and costing reports.
3. Providing crew monthly salary allotment service and also having foreign currency account approved from RESERVE BANK OF INDIA to remit cash-to-master outside India.

OSMM is a member of Foreign Owners Ship Managers Association (FOSMA), which represents more than 50 ship owners and ship managers in India, who are commited to ensure high quality and standards of the ship officers.